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My name is Kimm, or Ms. Kimm as my children's friends refer to me.  I reside in NE PA with my husband, 3 beautiful children, a fluffy kitty and 2 playful boxer pups. I'm happily married to the man that I'm honored to call my best friend.

I have been in the paper crafting industry since 2003.  Like many of us in this industry, it all began when I started my children's scrapbooks.  From there, I found myself  creating scrapbooks and paper piecing embellishments for others.  If that wasn't enough, in 2005, I opened my first  online scrapbook store.

In 2008, my husband and I took a leap of faith and opened our area's first locally owned independent brick and mortar scrapbook store.  Like many LSS, we closed a few years later as the big box stores began moving in.  We move the business back home to a web based business.  I'm not gonna lie, it felt good to be back home with my kids full time.

After years of making tear bears, we decided it was time to show the world how easy it truly can be.  I already had designed the patterns, but needed a fool proof product that could be used over and over again and be easy enough for a beginner.  The process began, and by Christmas of 2009, I developed The Beary Scrap's first Acrylic Paper Piecing Patterns.  These are patterns specifically created for use with mulberry paper to create those ever so popular fuzzy tear bears.  The collection of critters has grown over the years and is very popular in the paper piecing community.  I manufacture these patterns myself in my home.  Many SAHM have been able to use my patterns and open their own little businesses selling their paper piecings.  Although I no longer make the fuzzy critters, my specialty store, The Beary Scrap, is still in operation

In 2012, I began designing my own stamp line, which I absolutely love doing in conjunction with pocket scrapbooking.  Ms. Kimm Creates stamps were born out of frustration of not being able to find stamps that I liked and reflected our crazy family photos and antics.  I try to create practical, fun, functional, every day, and not so every day stamps that will assist you in documenting real life, real moments, and the stuff that really matters to you (good and bad).  Why, because life isn't all sunshine and roses, right?

I love photography, and documenting our families journey via project life.   I have a passion to create pretty stuff and I love that I can share my designs and products with you.

Thanks for your support!


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