June 1, 2012

How to Print Your Instagram Photos With MS Word

Hello there Sweet Peeps.  Over at the Smash*aholics FB Group, I had mentioned that I would do a tutorial on how I print my Instragram and Photobooth pics from my computer using MS Word and Photoshop Elements.  Today I am going to show how to prep 8.5" x 11 page document full of pictures for printing using MS Word.  PSE is a bit more complicated, but if you have some editing to do (ie removing red eye, changing balance), it's worth not having to take a few extra steps.  I will cover PSE in the near future.

I love taking pics with my iPhone.  There are tons and tons of apps in the Apple store for making great photo layouts and adding special effects.  The 3 that I use the most are Instagram, Photobooth Plus and Pic Jointer.  When you create your Pic from your phone, or other devise, make sure that you have your setting to "Save to Camera Roll".  Photos taken directly off your phone are of much better quality than saving them from the webstagram site.

To get you photos off your devise either plug your phone into your computer and import them to a new folder, or you can email them to yourself.   If you are connected to a home network, you may be able to auto sync, but I haven't figured that out yet - LOL.

Once you have your pics on your computer, open MS WORD and CREATE A NEW DOCUMENT.

Next, you want to change your margins.  Go to PAGE LAYOUT - CUSTOM MARGINS as shown below.

I'm going to make my margins 0.25" all the way around like this...

Click okay.

Now we are going to import our first picture.  Select Insert - Picture.  Locate the photo on your computer and select it.

With your photo in your document, you will now RIGHT CLICK to bring up the photo options.  We need to change how the photo fits on the document.


Now we need to resize the photo.  I personally like to print my photos between 3" and 4" inches. RIGHT CLICK - select SIZE.  Enter the size you would like your photo to be.

Once you've resized your photo, it should appear in the upper left corner of your document.

Let's go ahead and import another picture.  Repeat the same process for importing.  This time I am going to change the size of my photo first.  Once again, I will RIGHT CLICK - select SIZE and enter the desired size of my photo.

We are going to change the Text wrapping again.  RIGHT CLICK - select TEXT WRAPPING - select TIGHT.

Continue doing this for all of your pictures.  Once your page is full, you are ready to print.

Make sure when you print, you change the properties of your printer.  I have changed mine to print "BEST QUALITY" and I was able to change the type of paper I use.  In my case, I'm using HP Premium Plus Photo Paper.

There you have it.  I hope all of that made sense.  If you have any questions, please feel free to find me on the Smash*aholics FB Group, or contact me via email.

Until next time...


  1. I love this tip!! I have to play around with my mac and see if I do the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't have MS Word! Times like this, I really wish I had it!! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!!

  2. Seems pretty easy to follow. Can't wait until I have a few extra minutes to play and try it out! Thanks so much!!

  3. Great tute! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. thanks for this easy to understand tutorial! Trying it now!!
    audrey ♥

  5. thanks for this easy to understand tutorial! Trying it now!!
    audrey ♥


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