November 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

Sending much love and birthday wishes to our beloved Pepper the Boxer!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!!!

Until next time.


  1. Are u still selling stamps!!

  2. Hi Marylou. The website is closed until spring while I take some time with my family and a break from the industry for a few weeks. I will have a separate shop for my stamps opening soon. Thanks :)

  3. ...Thank you so much for answering....just saw ur stamps fell in love with them....Awesome...u do great work...please please...when u open back can just send link an I will be there...Thank you again...for answering very kind of u...and have the best time with ur family on ur vacation....Thank you.. :)...& take care

  4. Hi Marylou. You are welcome. I'm working on getting a temporary site up and running within the next few days. The main site is getting transferred to a new host as we've had nothing but problems and lack of support from our store system and our hosting company. It's going to take some time too, but nonetheless, I'm still keeping both shops separate. I'll be catching up here on the blog over the next few days too to keep everyone up to date. And yes, new stamp designs are coming too. :) Thanks so much!!! :)


Thanks for the love. :)