February 20, 2014

DIY - Decorative Jute Twine Balls

Back in November when we did that remodel / redecorate project, I decided it was time to attempt a few DIY home decor ideas.  I'm always drawn to anything made from burlap or jute twine.  I have seen these cute decorative balls all over the place for $$$ that I just couldn't bring myself to spend.  They seemed easy enough to recreate.  Why not give it a try.

I googled and checked pinterest.  I came across a few tutorials and they all seemed to be the same concept.  This was a pretty simple one to follow HERE.

Gather supplies:
  • Glue (something that dries clear.  I used Modge Podge since it was what I had on hand.)  The tutorial I linked says to use fabric stiffener.  I tried that, and yes, it works but the rope didn't feel as stiff after it dried.
  • Twine, jute rope, yarn.  Whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Small balloons
  • A bowl.
  • Paper Towels
  • Scissors
  • Parchment Paper (so the balls don't stick to a surface while drying)
I didn't take pictures of the entire process since my hands were covered in glue.  I'll try to update this post later with photos when I make these again.
  1. Blow up your balloons to the size you want your decorative balls to be.
  2. Pour 1 part glue and 1 part water into a bowl.
  3. Soak your rope in the glue.  I chose not to cut before wrapping because I didn't know how much wrapping I was going to like.  I did a quick dry wrap before soaking so I had an idea how much I might use.
  4. Begin wrapping your balloon with the glue soaked rope.
  5. Once you are happy with the results, cut the rope and tuck the end under another piece.
  6. Place your finished balloon wrap on parchment paper to dry.
Here is what they should look like.

The 2 darker ones in the front were made using fabric stiffener.  The 4 in the back were made with modge podge.

It was suggested to allow them to dry for 24 hours.  I will tell you that mine took 3 full days to dry completely.  I think it may have been humid those days.  I turned my balloons a few times a day to make sure every part had adequate air to try.  I occasionally wiped up any excess glue from the parchment paper.

Once your balloon wraps are dry, take a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and pop the balloon.  You will here a lot of cracking, snapping and popping.  Don't worry, this is perfectly normal.  Pull the balloon pieces out.  You now have a beautiful home decor piece to place in a decorative pot, bowl, or plate, etc.

And there is the finished project.  Don't they look ah-mazing?  I love them!  This project was super easy and a bit messy, but well worth the outcome.  And the cost... dirt cheap!  I hope to make a few more in different colors for our dining room.

Until next time.

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  1. I know this is two years late but I LOVE these!!! Definitely am going to be making these this week, especially since Hobby Lobby has their jute twine and rope in sale!!!


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