February 4, 2014

Getting big and into mischief...

Boxer's are know for their personalities.  They are ever so patient...

You can dress them up and pose them without complaint.
Not that she enjoys this, but she'll tolerate that my kids will make her where things on her head on clothes on her body.
They are loving!  Not just to each other, but to their family.  They don't realize they are pups.  They think they are kids with 4 legs.
They are the messiest kids I've ever had!!
These moments....
Make it all worth while.
They are crazy in their own way, and they make me laugh even when I'm mad at them.  How can you be mad at those faces.  Even when there is poop on the floor.

I promise some crafty posts next.  These 2 consume a lot of my time.  Seriously, it's like 2 toddlers all over again.  And here I thought I had sent all my kids off to school full time.  LOL.
Until next time.

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