May 13, 2012

Smash*ing Kids

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This weekend, we had the pleasure of having our friends over with their kids.  We do this almost every weekend, especially since none of us really go out anywhere.  It gives us adults some down time, and the kids get to all play and have fun together.

While we adults were sitting at the kitchen table (the gathering spot in our house), all the kids came running up the steps yelling "Ms. Kimmie, Ms. Kimmie... Can we all have a Smash* book?".  My youngest and oldest daughters are already Smash*ers, but my son and their friends are totally new to it.  Well, you gotta know my response... "What are you all going to do for me?".  Seeing them all look at each other in utter silence was hilarious.  Of course my husband chimes in and says "You are all gonna pull weeds!".  LOL

I trotted down the steps to the office with all the kids trailing behind me.  Pulled one of each Smash* book off the shelf so they could look at the pages inside each one.  I told them to look carefully, and be gentle to the books.  Once they choose their favorite, come see me.

It didn't take them long to choose.  Back up the steps they came with their books in hand.  Okay, again... here's the question... "What are you all going to do for me?"  Hubby says "Pull weed!".  The girls say... "Make beautiful pages!".  Okay then, I'm in. :) - without the weed pulling - hahaha!

And here is what happened next...

A SMASH*ING PARTY with Mommy's bag of goodies!!!

Stickers, stickers and Washi Tape!

Don't they look so involved?

The girls beautified their covers!

I wasn't able to get good pics of all the kids Smash* pages they did last night.  I can't wait to see them next weekend.  I heard today that the girls spent their Sunday doing Smash* pages.  That just brought a smile to my face.

Here are a few of the pages my kids did this weekend.

A page made by my daughter Abby

Inside of Abby's Smash book

My son's first Smash Page.  "Mommy, you need more boyish stuff!"

Lindsay's cover of her blue Smash* book all decked out in Washi Tape.
That's all for today.  I didn't get any smashing done myself.  I enjoyed my Mother's Day with the family.  They cooked me breakfast and we ate on the deck.  It was so beautiful!  Then they spoiled me practically all day long.  I was a GREAT day!

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend.

Until next time



  1. how cute. that is so awesome that they love to sit down and enjoy some smashing. I'm sure it was fun for all

  2. Sounds like a fun day for the kids. I just love their pages. That button smiley is so cute.


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