April 14, 2013

A new addition to our family...

Once again, I have neglected my blog.  I can't believe I haven't posted since October.  There are 6 drafts started, but none of them finished.  So much for that New Year's Resolution of blogging more.  There is still time to make up for it, right?

We've had a lot going on at home... so much that I will need to make a few blog posts just to catch up, otherwise I will bore you all to death with so much detail in one post.

On February 23, my world was literally turned upside down!  We got a puppy!!!  We had already decided a few months ago that it was time to bring another 4 legged friend into the house, but the timing was much sooner than I had planned.  It all started on Friday afternoon when my husband walked into a pet store while he was waiting to pick up a part for a job site.  This sweet little girl had been out playing in the pen.  She captured my husband's heart!!

Later that night, he told me all about his encounter with this furbaby.  Much to my surprise, I said I would contact the pet store in the morning and see if she is still there.  OMG, I did say that didn't I.  LOL.  When Saturday morning came around, the kind gentleman told me that she was there and he put her on hold for me.

Lindsay and I packed up in the car to go meet the little lady that stole my husband's heart.  Within meeting her, she captured our hearts too... and the rest is history!  Welcome home Pepper the Boxer! 

Homecoming! 2/23/13
Welcome home, Pepper.  12 weeks old
So my world was turned upside down!  Raising a puppy is a lot of work, but is also a lot of fun.  The first few weeks were tiresome!  She is crate trained, so that was helpful.  No howling at night when we put her to bed, and only a few accidents in the house.  Keeping up with her is like keeping up with a 2 year old child!!  Let me tell you... this little girl thinks she is human!

Look at the size of those paws!!!
Pepper, meet Kitty.  Yeah, this is going to take some time!!
As the weeks have gone by, she has given our lives an entire new meaning.  Talk about team work within the family!  She has truly brought us closer together.  Everyone pitches in and helps out with taking care of her.  She is MY responsibility all week while everyone is either at work or school.  Yes, she drives me absolutely insane some days.  She really doesn't like it when Mommy works.  Walks, playtime, and snuggle time is what she wants from me all day!  But seriously, how could you resist that face?

First trick Pepper learned in 2 days - "Paw"
She is unbelievably smart and picks up on anything we teach her within days!  Heal and come... not doing so well with, but everything else... brilliant!!!
Still not going so well!  2 weeks now.
Those eyes kill me!!

We think she looks like a Beanie Boo!

March 25, 2012.   She's getting bigger!
Practicing "Lay & Stay"
Pepper's favorite spot in the yard
Guard Puppy! April 10, 2013
So proud of herself!  Took her a week to dig up this rock!
They are still squabbling!  Pepper makes a game of it.
That's our Pepper the Boxer.  She's here.  She's family... and I wouldn't have it any other way!  She's mighty popular on Instagram too!!  I may have to give her her own FB fan page and Instagram account!

Until next time...


  1. she's too cute!! I really enjoy her thru you guys and always am happy to see an update and new pic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. she is sooo cute! now I want to get a puppy :)

  3. She's adorable! Your pictures make me smile :) It's good to see you back and blogging and I'm looking forward to seeing more wonderful pics. My 3.5 year old wants a puppy so bad! I don't think so, it's hard enough chasing my toddler around ;-) We can both live vicariously through your photos <3

  4. What a cute sweet looking pup!
    Love checking out ur pics xxoo


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