June 20, 2013

Getting my craft on with Project Life

Obsessed!  I am obsessed with getting organized!  It seems to be a never ending battle in my life.  Let's be honest... with 3 kids, a business that I run out of my home, and a house to take care of, it's not that easy to keep it all together.  Too many tasks on my "to-do" list overwhelms me to the point of SHUT DOWN!  Outside of the everyday must-dos, I get a grip on life tackling things one section at a time... even if it is just a small cabinet to clean out.

In my fits of "obsessing", I have discovered Project Life!  I am forever in love with this concept.  The concept isn't really new.  I remember back when I had my storefront a few years ago, Bazzill came out with a line of albums, page protectors and inserts/cards that was called Lickety Slips...

I can't believe that I still have 3 of these albums, page protectors and handful of inserts left from when I closed the shop.  I sure will be putting them to good use!  Maybe not the albums, but certainly the inserts.

I am years... I MEAN YEARS behind in all thing scrapbooking!  My intentions are always good, and I always try to schedule some crafty time.  I rarely happens.  I'm so PLEASED to have found Project Life and to see that the old concept was revisited and brought back to life by Becky Higgins!!!

Confession... I've had my PL albums since October of last year!  Yes, you heard me, October 2012!  I had planned on starting PL January 1.... but... life happens, or I happen.  Hopefully it will be easy to get caught up.  I've been working on current event and then backwards when time permits.  It has bee FUN!!!  Not to mention it has triggered my design capabilities.  I'm back to designing stamps and lots more other goodies!  Squeal!!!

I don't have full pages to share just yet, but I do have 2 cards that I created for one of my weekly spreads using Angie Delarie's Digital Stamps.

Using elements from Sammah Season Digital Stamp Set. 
I digitally colored the Banner and nautical wheel, printed and fussy cut them to attach them to my card.

Image from Dancing in the Garden Digital Stamp Set.
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  1. as a busy mom, the key to getting organized is NOT to try to do it all in one shot...designate certain days to do certain things but not too many things! The other thing to do is delegate some small things out to the kids! Small things help :) Like my some takes out the recycling and puts away the shoes by the door that stack up throughout the week :)


Thanks for the love. :)