November 11, 2013

Elf of the Shelf - Andrew's 2012 Adventure

Thanksgiving is lingering around the corner and before you know it, Santa's Elves will be arriving on doorsteps around the world.  Andrew (our Elf) arrives the day after Thanksgiving.

The Elf is Santa's eyes and ears.  Every night the Elf returns back to the North Pole to report to Santa on whose been naughty or nice.  His magic powers is what allows him to travel back and forth.  The fun part is when the Elf arrives back the next morning, he is in a different location in your house.  Whether he lands himself in the Christmas Tree or finds himself in mischief, it's always fun to wake up each morning to watch the kids find him.  There is only one simple rule... No touching the Elf!  If you touch him, he will loose all of his magical powers and will not be able to return to the North Pole.

Here is some of the fun we had with our elf Andrew last year.

Andrew hangs out in the Christmas Tree.
Andrew feels at home sitting in our snow village.
Andrew discovered washi tape.
Andrew gets mischievous with toilet paper.
Sprinkle Angels!
Andrew showing off his "Spidey" moves.
Even Elves like chocolate!
Hanging out with the fish.
Cookies and syrup!
We are looking forward to another fun filled Holiday Season with our little elf Andrew.  What kind of mischief did your elf find him/herself in last year?  I'd love to here your stories.

Until next time.

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