November 5, 2013

Halloween Costumes

We knew it was going to be a warm rainy day.  Usually it snows the day before or the day of Halloween.  I'm not sure which was worse.  Only a few raindrops hit the pavement when I took this photo.

"Abby as Brendon Uri from Panic at the Disco,  Doug as a soccer goalie, and Lindsay as a Princess Vampire.
Having a teenage daughter in middle school is interesting.  These girls sure do come up with some interesting costumes.  It wasn't like I could just go a buy a costume off the shelf of Party City this year.  Boy, I miss those days.  Lindsay is still into that, but with some tweaking of course.  Doug was simple.  He doesn't play goalie in soccer, so he got to pretend he was one.

We had to shop everywhere for Abby's costume.  Party City, Halloween City, Target, Old Navy, TJ Max, a thrift store... just to name a few... and her coat.  I ordered it from Halloween City online 2 days before Halloween.with overnight shipping.  The jacket is actually from a sleazy costume, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the body suit that come with it.  LOL.  The bow tie I had from way back in my waitressing days.

So, who is Brendon Urie you ask?  He's the lead singer from Panic at the Disco.  Her costume is based on the ring master character he portrayed in "I Write Sins Not Tragedies".  Here is the music video her costume was based on:

And this girl sure portrayed his character well.  We may have an actor in the making.

Yes, I kinda dressed up too.

And this is how we trick or treated in the rain.

Until next time.

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