November 9, 2013

Recovering from surgery

Thursday was the big day.  I finally had surgery on my foot.  It's been weeks coming... actually years. I've been dreading the colder temperatures of winter.  It would mean giving up my comfy flip flops for sneakers and boots.  OUCH!  Yes, shoes hurt!   Even shopping for shoes has always been a dreadful task.

Hubby took me in Thursday morning.  I had been a nervous wreck the weeks leading up to the big day.  The fact that I never broke a bone in my body... EVER, and going under anesthesia was frightening.  Yes, I'm 39 and NEVER had a broken bone.  In fact, I never had stitches either until a few weeks ago when I had 2 abnormal lesions removed from my skin.  Now I was allowing someone to purposely break my foot, put in titanium pins and be couch ridden for a few weeks.  I'm not one to sit still or allow anyone to wait on me either.  What was I thinking!!!  Actually, hubby and the kids have been GREAT taking care of me.  Although I'm paying dearly for overdoing it yesterday.  I'm learning that the pain medication is a must and staying off my feet is best.

The surgery went well.  My anesthesiologist was AWESOME!  The 30 minutes I spent asleep was the best nap I ever took!  The entire staff at the surgery center was incredible!  They put me at ease, and it was the same staff that had taken care of my girls when they both had their tonsils and adenoids out years ago.

I told my husband no pictures while I was there.  I haven't seen any photos yet except for the one I took of my new sexy boot.   This boot will be my best friend for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Sexy shoe!
I'm finding out that recovering from surgery isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I have a nice spot set up on the couch with my computer, iphone, notepad and coffee.  I've been busy creating new stamp sets, flair badges and tear bear patterns.   So yeah, not so bad.  :)  

Until next time.

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