February 21, 2014

My Story - a Project Life Journal

My friend Kellie over at Give a Girl a Blog had this really crazy idea to Project her Life this year along with doing her family's Project Life album.  I must admit, this idea is brilliant!  I'm always taking photos of "my" day and posting them on instagram or facebook.  I never know what to do with those photos.  Most of the time they don't even get printed.  When they do, they don't fit anywhere in my family's album.  They end up in a box all alone longing for a home.

Here is the thing.  Those photos I take during "my" day when my kids are at school are part of "my" story.  I have a family story to tell, but what about "my" story.  Most of us kept journals or diaries as a teen.  I know I did!  Writing my thoughts down, good or bad, was always a great outlet.   I still do it, sort of.  I jot things down in a notebook that sits next to my laptop.  Usually appointments, follow ups, ideas, rants (yes, I write those down to get them off my mind) or doodling.  All that belongs in a planner, right?  Yeah, I gave up on my Filofax.  I decided that my notebook is more practical... I'll save my thoughts on my love-hate relation with my Filofax for another day.

So those extra photos are going to be in "My Story".  For the remainder of this year, I will document my daily doings and what-nots in my own album.  It's a much smaller scale that my regular PL album.  After all, my life is important too, even if it's boring and uneventful.  The idea is to keep it simple, which I can see this spilling over into my regular PL album.  The only difference, it's my story and a place for those left over photos to reside.  I think my oldest daughter may be doing this too.

I'm using a Simple Stories Sn@p album since it was the only small album I had on hand.  I may move everything to a Studio Calico handbook.  I'm undecided until they get here.  

In My Story I also decided to participate in the Currently List challenge hosted by Kristin.  If you would like to check it out, follow the link HERE.  Kristin has a link on her post to a fabulous facebook group to share your weekly list.  Kristin also has a FREE download for the cards on her website HERE.

I also decided to include a "week in review" card for My Story.  I'll have more details on that it the upcoming weeks.




A larger spread that I had planned.  I had to cut a 3x4 page in half because I had a lot to tell this week.

SUPPLIES:  Memories Ink Pad, Oops Stamp from Ms Kimm Creates Now Way Stamp Set, Ms Kimm Creates Selfie Stamp, Ms. Kimm Creates This is My Favorite Stamp, Basic Grey Stars, Currently Card, Cards, flair and label from various Studio Calico PL Kits,




SUPPLIES:  Photoshop, Currently Card




SUPPLIES:  Memories Ink Pad, Epic Fail, Uh Oh and This Sucks Stamps from Ms Kimm Creates Now Way Stamp Set, Currently Card, Cards, flair and label from various Studio Calico PL Kits,

There you have it.  I have all intentions on going back to complete weeks 1 through 4.   After all, I have the photos and notes (and of course there is always facebook and instagram).

Until next time.

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