February 27, 2014

March Release Stamps are in the HOUSE!

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen a few of the new stamps for March.  Well, here is the full release now available in the Stamp Shop.  There are a total of 10, yes 10 new wood mounted red rubber stamps!  Abby and I have had a blast coming up with new designs and sayings.  We have so much more in the works that we are already excited about the next batch.  It's so hard to keep a secret!  

 Of course we have a new clear stamp!  A special stamp for our Foodie lovers called "On the Menu".  What's that?  A typo?  Yes, there is a typo, but it is on purpose!  Delicious is spelled differently and there is an explanation for that.  My youngest daughter calls yummy foods "DE-LISH-I-IOUS" with the "i" as a long e.  It's more of a "family thing" here at home, but I like to reflect some of the quirkiness that happens here.  It's our thing, our style, and I'm sure we aren't the only family that has a bit of quirkiness within it.

If it is a problem for you, the "ious" can easily be trimmed for to spell DE-lish.  Yes, already tried it with our sample sets and it works perfect.  I will post some examples of in my next PL spread this weekend. :)

I hope you enjoy the new stamp release for March.  Up next, more Washi Tape and some flair later this month.  Ohhhh... exciting!

Until next time.

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  1. Will you be doing another clear stamp set for April?


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