March 28, 2014

Friday Quote | Goethe

Organizing and scheduling have been on my top priority list.  Well, more so organizing, but I'm far enough into my journey that I can start adding a few things to my schedule.  Things that I need to do, or mostly want to do.  The plan... to post one quote every Friday that has inspired me.  Since doing my own PL book as a journal, or diary, I find quotes help to life my spirits and redirect that negative energy that creeps up back to a positive one of goodness.  I've always been a sucker for a good quote.

The quotes I post will be high quality images that you are welcome to download by clicking on the image and saving to your computer.  They will be 3x4 size, perfect for printing for your own pocket page album.  If you print and use, I would appreciate a mention of where it came from.  That is just decency, but it not necessary.  You can also hover over the image and pin it to your Pinterest board.

This one comes from a book I am currently reading.

Until next time.

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