April 4, 2014

Friday Quote | Balance

Something I struggle with every single day.  Finding the balance between work, family and life.  I am guilty of spending way too much time trying to make a living that I have forgotten how important it is to make or have a life.   I'm sure some of you can relate.

This quote will be stuck to my computer to remind myself that my journey of time management isn't just about finding balance.  It's also about setting boundaries.  Life... it comes first.  My well being and the quality of life I have with my family is above all.  This is a bold and brave move for me.  My happiness first.  I am setting my boundaries to better my life.  To better my family.

The quotes I post will be high quality images.  You are welcome to download by clicking on the image and saving to your computer.  The image is 3x4 size, perfect for printing for your own pocket page album.  If you print and use, I would appreciate a mention of where it came from.  That is just decency, but it not necessary. You can also hover over the image and pin it to your Pinterest board.

Until next time.

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